Local Perspective

 Local Cycle Town Campaign

I actively worked  with local cycling groups and with Sustrans to crowd-fund the money to fund a cycle town feasibility study for Harrogate.  It just seemed to me that both the problems with congestion and air quality were not going to improve any time soon, and that the need to have a proper legacy from the Tour de France, demanded a bold move to create a step change in the way people get around the town when making short journeys of under three miles.

This project is now on hold, but I would love to re-vitalise it, as with the number of houses we will be getting over the next 20 years, we really do need a shift in the way people get around the town!

 Harrogate Borough Council

I sat as an elected councillor on Harrogate Borough Council from 2012-2016 when I stood down.  The big issues during my time as councillor:

  • The withdrawal of the Local Housing Plan, making the area vulnerable to developers who are now more likely to get permission for developments in places which would not be deemed suitable under local control.  I tried to initiate a report into what went wrong during the process of the plan being prepared and remain amazed that there has been no accountability either of politicians or officers over this incompetence.
  • The Conservative plan to build brand new office buildings on residential land, at a cost of £9 million minimum.  The Lib Dem Group would have rather renovated the current main site and retain one extra building, and sell or develop the prime residential land for housing, at half the cost.

 Nidd Valley Ward

As a local ward councillor, I dealt with residents every week on a number of issues.  The vast majority of these related to planning issues in the ward.  I was always happy to talk to residents if they had any concerns about the way that planning applications were being dealt with, or if advice was needed  before applications were submitted.

There are a number of issues that can be easily reported on line by residents themselves, such as potholes, blocked gullies, etc.  I include the links to these on the “Useful Links” page